Nebulas Roadmap

The development of Nebulas is organized by the Nebula Technology Committee and is executed by the Nebulas Dev Team, the Nebulas Research Institute and community developers. The core members are mainly computer science and cryptography experts from China and the United States. The engineering team members have experience in working and leading well-known technology companies such as Google and Microsoft. In addition, NCC Group, Hackerone, and other audits are involved in code review and security checks.

Nebulas Core Roadmap

Nebulas is a next-generation public chain. There are three principles: Nebulas Rank (NR, blockchain value ranking), Nebulas Force (NF, self-evolving without hard fork), and Nebulas Incentive (Developer Incentive Protocol, DIP & Proof of Devotion, PoD).


2018.Q1 - V1.0 Eagle Nebula: Basic Public Chain

2018.Q4 - V2.0 Nebulas NOVA: NR & DIP

2019.Q4 - V3.0 NF & PoD

Research Roadmap


Technical Whitepaper

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Yellow Paper - NR

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Mauve Paper - DIP


Green Paper - NF

Development Roadmap

Eagle Nebula Released


Testnet Online


Mainnet Online & Eagle Nebula Released

- The only public chain based on LLVM

- Supports javascript development

- Over 2000 TPS


NAS nano Released

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Nebulas NOVA In Progress

Discover value in an organized blockchain world.

Sept 2018

Off-chain NR API

Mid-Oct 2018

0.1 Mainnet Upgrade

- 0.1.0 Block data structure upgrade

- 0.1.1 Transaction functionality upgrade

- 0.1.2 LLVM IR on-chain and access

Early Nov 2018

0.2 Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE)

- 0.2.0 Prototype implementation, complete functional verification

- 0.2.1 Refactoring and improving to increase security

- 0.2.2 Add NCRE toolchain


0.3 NR

- to measure the value of on-chain data and provide order in a currently chaotic blockchain world.

Late Nov 2018

0.4 DIP

- to provide the native on-chain incentive for developers to build valuable blockchain applications.

Early Dec 2018

1.0 Integration testing


Official launch of Nebulas NOVA 1.0

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