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Developer Incentive
Using Javascript & a cup of afternoon tea
Monthly Developer Rewards
20,000 NAS
cell evolution
Cell Evolution
by Dan Jing Xiang Si
Cell evolution is the first decentralized strategy and sandbox game application. In the game, players act as a biological cell and survive by balancing adaptive and reproductive abilities. All players also play as a cell group in a group. If the direction of the cell group is unbalanced, the whole evolution will fail.
Weekly Developer Rewards
FixedEx is the world’s first multilingual decentralized smart contract exchange that supports NRC 20 tokens. FixedEx stores all of the data on Nebulas to achieve decentralization. Users do not need to register new accounts. the smart contract will store tokens on your personal NAS wallet address, and only the users themselves have the right to carry out relevant operations to ensure the safety of their assets. It can support matching transactions and price limit orders, and will become a more intelligent and complete exchange than Ethereum.
10,000 NAS
Nebulas hero
By DaoNiang
Nebulas hero is the first card game issued based on NRC 721 protocol, and is a continuation of the spirit of Cryptohero.
5,000 NAS
GOLD Token
By smartpunter
GOLD Nebulas is NRC-20 token with guaranteed liquidity and stable price. Every GOLD token is equal to 1 gram of physical gold. Tokens are guaranteed by smart contract balance. Prices are updated every block.
3,000 NAS

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Nebulas selects outstanding DApps according to the Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP).
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Prize new
100 NAS
New DApp Reward
Every qualified DApp on Nebulas : 100 NAS
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Monthly Referral Rewards
10,000 NAS
invited 67 developers
2,500 NAS
for each winner
invited 15 developers
invited 15 developers
1,000 NAS
for each winner
invited 9 developers
invited 8 developers
invited 8 developers
40 NAS + 20% commission New DApp Prize: Referred developers must successfully submit their DApp to Nebulas, and the referrer will receive 40 NAS + 20% commission based on the developer’s reward.

All NAS token rewards come from the Nebulas Incentive Foundation.

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