The following wallets support NAS:

nas nano

NAS nano

The mobile wallet supports NAS and NRC20. Audited by KnownSec security code.

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Web Wallet

Web Wallet and Chrome Extension

The official web wallet (offline) and Chrome Extension. It's open source. Audited by KnownSec security code.

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Web Wallet

Nebulas Wallet - Chrome Extension

Community third-party wallet, it’s open source.

Copyright © Fabio R. Panettieri *

Web Wallet


A wallet supports full currency, easy to use.

maths Wallet

Maths Wallet

NAS will be listed on Math Wallet, please stay tuned.

Learn more about Maths Wallet >

Welcome to become a NAS wallet developer. If you would like to develop or collaborate with us, please contact us.

[email protected]

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