nebulas voting

The first Nebulas On-chain Voting

The Gas Price & The Parameters for DIP and NR depend on You!

April 23 ~ May 5, 2019

The first Nebulas Council Election is coming soon.

Read the Nebulas Community Group - Community Consultation Draft

nebulas NOVA

Nebulas NOVA Launched!

The Future of Collaboration Is Coming

Autonomous Metanet · The future of Collaboration

Decentralized Collaboration with Smart Assets

Technology makes for new collaboration

nebulas NR


Measure the value of Blockchain data

nebulas NF


Low-cost instant upgrade capability

nebulas NI


Positive ecosystem incentives

nebulas NAT

On-chain Governance

Improved Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Nebulas Roadmap 2019

  • Nebulas NOVA on Mainnet

    Released April 2019
  • First Nebulas Council Election

    June 2019
  • Mainnet Decentralizatioin

    Sept 2019
  • Achieve Autonomous Metanet

    Dec 31, 2019

Community Collaboration Platform

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NAS nano pro

NAS nano pro

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Welcome Developers

6,800+ mainnet DApps

2,300+ community developers

Peak: 977,500+ daily transactions
on mainnet

Embrace the Future

June 2017 till now,
17 cities in 8 countries, 60+ meetups

36,000+ online users

259,000+ mainnet accounts

Use Cases

Search & Query

Provide cross-chain search capabilities, and unique search functions within the DApp.

Interactive On-chain Marketing

A new form of on-chain interactive marketing, laying the foundation for on-chain data monitoring and analysis.

Project Rating Assessment

Provide data support for single-chain or cross-chain project evaluation.

Transaction Testing and Market Forecasting

Ecosystem reporting of blockchain economy, provide data analysis for market forecasting.

Venture Capital and Incubation

Prospect new projects and explore new venture capital fields.

Gaming, Social Network, etc.

Explore transactions, interactions and power new DApps with on-chain search capabilities.


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