Nebulas Research Institute

Core Members

Fan Xuepeng

Ph.D. Xuepeng Fan

Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, visiting scholar of University of California, San Diego. His research interests are in blockchain systems, distributed systems and parallel programming. Worked at Microsoft Research Asia and Megvii before. He is Research Director of Nebulas.

Samuel Chen

Ph.D. Samuel Chen

Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the University of California, San Diego. Ph.D. in computer science, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Got BS degree from University of Science and Technology of China. Founding Engineer and project manager of Whova for 7 years. Samuel is an enthusiast of new technology, and is aiming to create a great product which can change the world. Chief Architect of Nebulas, responsible for the development of important core infrastructure and platforms such as the mainnet and virtual machines.

Zhuoer Wang

Zhuoer Wang

Ph.D. dropout from UC San Diego focused on operating system and system reliability, got a Master's degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, interested in parallel computing and distributed systems. He won the first prize in the NOI Informatics Competition and participated in the performance evaluation of several Chinese supercomputers. He is the Ecosystem Developing Director of Nebulas, responsible for the ecological development, cooperation and landing.

Zaiyang Tang

Ph.D. Zaiyang Tang

Ph.D. from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, visiting scholar at the University of Aizu and the National Telecommunications Institute of Paris. His research interests include distributed systems, wireless networks and blockchain consensus. He has published papers in top journals such as TPDS and ICDCS. He is a senior researcher of Nebulas.

Yulong Zeng

Ph.D. Yulong Zeng

Ph.D. in Institute of Interdisciplinary Information from Tsinghua University, visiting scholar at the University of Michigan, Denmark Aarhus University, and got a BS degree from the Computer Science Experimental Class of Tsinghua University. He won the gold medal in the China Mathematical Olympiad (CMO). His research interests are game theory and mechanism design, and he has published many papers as the first author at international top conferences such as EC, AAAI, and AAAMAS. Now he’s a researcher at Nebulas, and studies mechanism design issues on the blockchain.

Chenmin Wang

Chenmin Wang

Master of Computer Science, Zhejiang University. Former Dolphin Browser R&D Engineer, former Tencent R&D Engineer, former Huawei R&D engineer, and is currently working as a R&D engineer at the Nebulas Research Institute.

Technical Advisors

Evan Cheng

Evan Cheng

Evan Cheng bootstrapped the LLVM effort and led its development during his 10 year career at Apple. He was the co-recipient of the ACM Software System Award in 2012 for his contribution to computer science. He is currently an engineering director at Facebook, responsible for blockchain, developments in programming languages and runtimes.

Pingzhong Tang

Ph.D. Pingzhong Tang

Assistant Professor at IIIS, Tsinghua University. Ph.D. in CS at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Post-doc research on AI, economics, and computation & game theory at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Research focusing on the interdisciplinary topics between AI and Game Theory, as well as its applications in e-Commerce, blockchain and internet advertising. Had multiple collaborations with industry and publications recognized by academic awards.

Visiting Scholars

Jinbo Zhang

Dr. Jinbo Zhang

Postdoctoral in the Blockchain Laboratory of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Ph. D. in School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science from Peking University. His research interests include but are not limited to structured deep learning, blockchain theory, the application of large scale related networks in financial technology. He applied for 4 blockchain related patents and has published more than 10 research papers, including two CCF A papers, with hundreds of Google citation. He has been a research assistant at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology.

Peng Li

Ph.D. Peng Li

Associate Professor in the University of Aizu, Japan. Got MS and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Aizu, BS degree from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His research interests mainly focus on cloud computing, Internet-of-Things, blockchain, big data systems, as well as related wired and wireless networking problems. Dr. Li has published over 70 technical papers. He won the Student Excellent Research Award of the IEEE Communication Society Sendai Chapter, the Young Author Award of IEEE Computer Society Japan Chapter, and the Best Paper Award of IEEE TrustCom. He is a member of the IEEE.

Partner Institutions and Topics

Researchers and visiting scholars are from the following institutions:

The University of California, San Diego · University of California, Berkeley · University of Aizu, Japan · Télécom SudParis · Tsinghua University · Peking University · Zhejiang University · University of Science and Technology of China · Tongji University · Huazhong University of Science and Technology · Nanjing University

UC San Diego
UC Berkeley
Telecom SudParis
Science and Technology

Current Research Topics:

Tsinghua University + Nebulas: Mechanism Design Issues

Goal: The incentive mechanism is a core issue of the blockchain. Building a continuously improving blockchain ecosystem is inseparable from incentive mechanism innovation.

Team: Associate Professor Tang Pingzhong of Tsinghua University's Interdisciplinary Information Institute, the research direction is game theory and mechanism design. At the same time, many students from Tong Pingzhong's doctoral students and undergraduates are working as full-time researchers or interns at Nebulas.

Tsinghua + Nebulas

Peking University + Nebulas: Analysis of Trading Behavior of Digital Currency Investors

Goal: Exploring the trading behaviors of Nebulas on-chain accounts, analyzing the pattern of information dissemination influencing trading behaviors and return to the investors. It provides theoretical support for the construction of an open and healthy trading market.

Team: The Guanghua School of Management - Blockchain Lab team aims to provide theoretical guidance and practical uses for the blockchain in existing industry; further studying and promoting the development of blockchain; the application of blockchain in finance; and the combination of blockchain and regulatory technology. The team member have published several thesis on top international financial journals, such as Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies and Journal of Corporate Finance.

Peking + Nebulas

Huazhong University of Science and Technology + Nebulas: Analysis of Account Diversity in Blockchain

Goal: Facing the data ecology on the Nebulas. It helps to understand the blockchain network more deeply and is the basis for anonymous accounts.

Team: Huazhong University of Science and Technology is leading in distributed systems, large-scale complex networks and big data processing. It publishes papers in academic conferences and journals such as VLDB, ICS, TPDS, TKDE, and related technologies in Southern Airlines and Light of Shenwei Taihu, a Chinese supercomputer. They have published many high-quality academic papers about blockchains in ICDCS.

Huazhong + Nebulas

University of Aizu, Japan + Nebulas: Application Research of Nebulas

Goal: Explore the blockchain advertising marketing and P2P sales.

Team: The university of Aizu is Japan's first research university focused on computer science and technology. It has achieved fruitful results in complex systems, distributed parallel processing, and network communication. They have published a large number of academic papers in academic conferences such as Infocom, ICDCS, TC, TPDS, etc., and won awards in the IEEE ComSoc Competition.

Aizu + Nebulas

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