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The Nebulas Research Institute is committed to promoting the research and innovation of the technological concept of an autonomous metanet. We are creating a New World of Decentralized Collaboration with high tech.


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Meet the people behind the beauty of innovation

The core members are mainly computer science and cryptography experts from China and the United States. We pursue the beauty of innovation.

Researchers and visiting scholars are from the following institutions:

Researchers and visiting scholars are from the following institutions:

The University of California, San Diego · University of California, Berkeley · Télécom SudParis · Waseda University, Japan · University of Aizu, Japan · National University of Singapore · The Chinese University of Hong Kong · Tsinghua University · Peking University · Zhejiang University · University of Science and Technology of China · Tongji University · Huazhong University of Science and Technology · Nanjing University

UC San Diego
UC Berkeley
Telecom SudParis
National University of Singapore
Chinese University of HK
Science and Technology

Partner Institutions and Current Research Topics

Mechanism Design Issues

Tsinghua University + Nebulas
Tsinghua + Nebulas

Goal: The incentive mechanism is a core issue of the blockchain. Building a continuously improving blockchain ecosystem is inseparable from incentive mechanism innovation.

Team: In addition to project collaboration, the Nebulas Research Institute also introduces the postgrad students from Tsinghua University to participate in our research, which greatly increases the capability of Nebulas R&D team.

Analysis of Trading Behavior of Digital Currency Investors

Peking University + Nebulas
Peking + Nebulas

Goal: Exploring the trading behaviors of Nebulas on-chain accounts, analyzing the pattern of information dissemination influencing trading behaviors and return to the investors. It provides theoretical support for the construction of an open and healthy trading market.

Team: The Guanghua School of Management - Blockchain Lab team aims to provide theoretical guidance and practical uses for the blockchain in existing industry; further studying and promoting the development of blockchain; the application of blockchain in finance; and the combination of blockchain and regulatory technology. The team member have published several thesis on top international financial journals, such as Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies and Journal of Corporate Finance.

Analysis of Account Diversity in Blockchain

Huazhong University of Science and Technology + Nebulas
Huazhong + Nebulas

Goal: Facing the data ecology on the Nebulas. It helps to understand the blockchain network more deeply and is the basis for anonymous accounts.

Team: Huazhong University of Science and Technology is leading in distributed systems, large-scale complex networks and big data processing. It publishes papers in academic conferences and journals such as VLDB, ICS, TPDS, TKDE, and related technologies in Southern Airlines and Light of Shenwei Taihu, a Chinese supercomputer. They have published many high-quality academic papers about blockchains in ICDCS.

Application Research of Nebulas

University of Aizu, Japan + Nebulas
Aizu + Nebulas

Goal: Explore the blockchain advertising marketing and P2P sales.

Team: The university of Aizu is Japan's first research university focused on computer science and technology. It has achieved fruitful results in complex systems, distributed parallel processing, and network communication. They have published a large number of academic papers in academic conferences such as Infocom, ICDCS, TC, TPDS, etc., and won awards in the IEEE ComSoc Competition.

blockchain distributed ledger technology

The Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences + Nebulas
ICT + Nebulas

Goal: blockchain distributed ledger technology

Team: The Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT) is the first academic establishment to specialize in comprehensive research on computer science and technology in China. It is also the place where China’s first general-purpose CPU chip was born.