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NAT is NRC20 token.

The asset derived from Nebulas Rank, the only voting medium within the Nebulas ecosystem.

Autonomous Token


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What's NR?

Nebulas Rank (NR) is our open sourced, core ranking algorithm. Measure the value of on-chain data.

How to improve the NR score?

It’s important that the address is actively used on the mainnet by interacting with other addresses and DApps.

Read Yellow Paper - Nebulas Rank > Check your NR (Coming Soon)

Nebulas Rank takes into account the median value of assets and the measurement of indegree and outdegree. It evaluates the contribution of users to the entire on-chain economy over a period of time. It effectively reflects the changes of Ethereum market value. So we think, the token holders whose NR score is not zero have distributed to the Nebulas economy.

NAT on-chain voting

The amount of NAT received via on-chain voting will be decided by the following two parameters:

1. NAT to be received per the NR of the address of the previous week

2. NAT voted this week

The NAT to be received via on-chain voting will be equal to 10 times [1] the smaller value of 1 and 2. If the NR for your previous week is 0, you will not receive any NAT reward through NAT on-chain voting.

[1] Initial value. It could be changed via NAT on-chain voting and NBRE.

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