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NAS is the native (utility) coin of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and the computing service charge.

You can get NAS through the following methods, and support the Nebulas community.

Buy from An Exchange


  • allcoin
  • bcex
  • binance
  • huobi
  • lbank
  • okex

Buy from CoinSwitch


Directly Obtain NAS Through the Nebulas Native Incentives

Developer's Native Incentives

Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) provides a feedback loop for developers to create high-quality decentralized applications. Developers can directly obtain NAS through DIP.

Non-developer Incentives

With Proof of Devotion (PoD), users who rank well (based on NR) will be rewarded in our Nebulas Token (NAS) by bookkeeping.

* It’s expected to launch in 2020 during Phase 4 Nebulas Autonomous Metanet launch

Be A Community Contributor and Earn NAS

Nebulas Community Collaboration Platform

Visit Go.nebulas
Nebulas Incentive Program (Season 1)

Nebulas Incentive Program (Season 1)

Nebulas community organizes long-term incentive programs to encourage community developers to develop high-quality DApps, and welcomes all community members to actively use and promote these DApps.

78,083 Airdrop participants

1,472 DApp developers or referrers

490,000+ NAS Total rewards

32% Developers percentage

276,500 NAS Total developer rewards

30,860 NAS Most rewarded developer

bug bounty

Long-term Bug Bounty