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Nebulas Block Explorer. Follow mainnet information.

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nebulas dapps

Nebulas Dapps is a discovery and comparison tool for Nebulas DApps, providing metrics and usage graphs for over 700 Nebulas-based applications.

by m5j *

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nas tip bot


Neby is a bot for Twitter that allows uesrs to send and receive NAS through tweets. You can interact with Neby through direct messages or by tagging @NebBot in a reply to a tweet following the form of "@NebBot send 5 NAS". Each twitter profile is assigned a unique address.


Visit > allows users to create custom aliases for their NAS wallets. A custom alias is much easier to remember than the traditional hexadecimal NAS addresses. Their aliases can be shared online through social media or in emails through the form of a link. Remember your NAS address is now as easy as remembering your name!

by m5j

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last trip

Last Trip

A game about choices & stories. A lonely soul roams between life and death. A player is no long just a player, but a creator. After death, the soul upload on the blockchain and become a NPC~ Let's enjoy the story together.

by Xiao Wu

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cell evolution

Cell Evolution

Cell evolution is the first decentralized strategy and sandbox game application. In the game, players act as a biological cell and survive by balancing adaptive and reproductive abilities. All players also play as a cell group in a group. If the direction of the cell group is unbalanced, the whole evolution will fail.

by Xiao Wu

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game of block

Game of Blocks

NAS is coming to the Game of Blcoks! Forget collectibles! is not a card trading game. Inspired by Catan Risk and Monopoly Game of Blocks is a board game that demands strategic skills critical thinking and trading science. It won't take you more 0.03 NAS to become a player but it will take the spirit of a conqueror and the wrath of an invader to become King - and some luck! At the dawn of the decentralized app era and after a long journey of great deprivation your wallets finally reach the shores of an uncharted blockchain board game. The Game of Blocks. But you are not the first conqueror other fearless crypto-aficionados are approaching the blocks! The race to the throne has begun!

by remir

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dinosaur park

Dinosaur Park

Hatch your own baby dragon by picking up one dragon egg for free, and each player is limited to picking up one dragon egg for free! Players can also pay 0.01NAS to buy more dragon eggs to hatch more dragon babies, or directly go to the market to buy rare dinosaurs sell by other players! Players PK their baby dragon with other dinosaurs, and the winner will gain 20% of another's weight. We hope to create an invincible tyrannosaurus rex by using a fairer algorithm and througu the joint efforts of all players.


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gold token

Gold Token

GOLD Nebulas is NRC-20 token with guaranteed liquidity and stable price. Every GOLD token is equal to 1 gram of physical gold. Token are guaranteed by smart contract balance. Prices are updated every block.

by Dimok

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