Nebulas Community Group

In order to achieve the goal of ecological development and asset management and promote the Nebulas into the “autonomous metanet” the founding team of Nebulas will form the “Nebulas Community Group” together with the community. During the formation process, each organization’s source of legitimacy of power, organizations, and power boundaries will be strictly stipulated, and the three parties will be constrained by one another.

Nebulas Council

Oversee the legitimacy of the Nebulas governance process and the use of public assets within the Nebulas community; providing scaling advantages for the ecological development of Nebulas.

Nebulas Foundation

Manage the Nebulas foundation’s assets, pool available resources and use the capital to offer efficiency advantages to the Nebulas ecosystem.

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Nebulas Technical Committee

Entrusted by the Nebulas Council; responsible for the productivity and quality verification of the Nebulas development projects, thereby providing technical guidance and support to the community.